MrsDodson.jpgWelcome to the Wonderful World of Wikis!

My name is Eva Dodson and I have always wanted to be a teacher. Well, not always but since the first grade and at my age that seems like forever and always! I have been happily married to my best friend for almost 20 years. We have a precocious, I mean precious three-year-old son named Nate. He is the light of our lives and makes even the worst day okay. I taught 5/6th grade Social Studies for one year in the Warren County School System and was replaced by a tenured teacher. I was not rehired by another school. I started substitute teaching the next year and will do so until I find a job as a teacher or a Reading Specialist! My dream job would be to be allowed to work with small groups of struggling students and I guess be a Reading Interventionist of sorts, only I want to work 200 days a year and not just 100.

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The purpose of this Wiki is to:
  • Help one gain an appreciation for various technological tools.
  • Share information on how to use these tools in one's own classroom.
  • Help one grow as an educator by using technology to reach all students and teach all students.


  • Feel free to browse through the information found on this space. Please let us know what your thoughts are concerning technology and education.