Storybird is a really cool website where you can either read previously made stories or make your own stories to read to students or children. You can choose from previously printed art (grouped with common themes) or make yours up as you go along. It is free but you do have to sign up for an account in order to save your own work. I have created one below for you to view as an example.

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Great for younger children
  • You make the story if you choose
  • Pictures there to choose from so you don't have to draw your own
  • Great for ELL students to experiment with words

  • Once you choose artwork you cannot stray from that chosen topic
  • Older students may think are too simple
  • Time-consuming if you do a good job

I would mostly use this in a kindergarten through second grade classroom. I would love to set up pages with pictures and let the students write their own stories to the pictures. With older students this would be a great way to let them make their own stories and pick their own pictures to go with them. Story can be written and then pictures chosen or you can choose the pictures and then write the stories. This is a great tool for developing writing/reading abilities in struggling students and a wonderful choice for ELLs.