Shelfari is a website you can create for personal use as well as classroom use. It allows the user to create a digital bookshelf with books you have read, are reading, will read, or want to read. It also let you see what others are reading, get details and reviews from others who have read the books you are interested in. You can leave your own feedback or review of a book and rate the book with stars.

You can click here to see my profile and bookshelf:

  • Free
  • Able to connect to or create your own "Community" of users
  • Community can be locked to only include your students so you can control the atmosphere
  • Through so finding books is easy and fast
  • Easy to use
  • Go at your own pace when using/setting up
  • Find others with the same interests as you for advice on books
  • See reviews to determine if books are interesting or worth reading
  • Can search for all the books in a series
  • Can search for all books by a certain author
  • Not saved on computer so it can be accessed from any computer with Internet

  • Through so you have to create an account/password
  • Some communities are closed to only certain members so you can't join any community
  • Students may have limited access to Internet if classroom only has 3 or 4 computers

I really like this website and have created my own Shelfari so I can keep up with all the books I have read. My friend told me of an idea she had to make a community for each of her classes separately so they could keep up with AR points and books and she can see what they are reading, have read, and/or recommend things for them to read. I think it is also great for those students who read above their grade level to find books that interest them and maybe more easily find books by their favorite author.