Quizlet is a website where you can make flashcards and work with word lists. It is simple to start and can be used in so many ways. There is a membership you can pay for that allows you to do more detailed things.

Here is a set I made for my 3rd grade class about Landforms:


  • Students can collaborate on lists so words aren't repeated
  • Teacher can use as a study tool, vocabulary builder, call and respond tool that keeps count of missed words, and to generate tests out of the words entered.
  • Link to friends on accounts and use their cards
  • Share your cards with other friends on your lists
  • See cards others have made even if they are not friends
  • Allows you to search for flashcards made by others on almost any subject you need.
  • Two different games to play using any set of flashcards to build vocabulary
  • You can choose to have the site automatically define the words for you

  • Finding the time to come up with a word list for your flashcards
  • There are SO many choices it may be overwhelming and time consuming to find what you want
  • Automatic definitions may not be worded like you have taught them and may be confusing to some students

I really like this website for vocabulary. It has a game called Space Race that lets the user practice typing the words as well as learn the definitions as the words come up on the screen. The other game, Scatter, puts all the words on the screen as well as the definitions and the user must drag the word to the definition to make them disappear. It has a timer which may encourage student or may hinder them. I like that students can collaborate and not make copies of words. There is just so much you can do with this website to build vocabulary and study skills.

*For step-by-step instructions to use this application please see the helpful hints page.*