Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 for Windows is a site/program you can download to your computer. It doesn't cost anything and helps you organize pictures into a slide show or movie. You can add music and even record your voice to narrate your story. You can manipulate your pictures into any order, change and rearrange them and also type words on your pictures.

I was not able to include an example because my Photo Story files are too large! I do recommend you visit the website and you can see examples of this for yourself.

  • Is available for Windows, Mac, Vista, almost any application
  • Free
  • Outstanding results
  • Easy
  • You can change it over and over
  • You can choose to make or upload music for your movie
  • Music doesn't have to be on every slide
  • Has section for typing notes to yourself to help during recording
  • Recording is separate for every picture so if you mess up you don't have to re-record the entire project
  • You can program transitions between pictures just like PowerPoint slides
  • Very versatile for users of any ability level

  • Have to have an authorized copy of Windows
  • Time-consuming if you do a decent job
  • Music must be purchased if not on your computer
  • You have to save over previous edition every time you save project
  • You can't rewind if you make a mistake. You have to redo the entire slide's recording.
  • You have to download program to your computer
  • Can't enlarge screen during work phase of project