Penzu is an online journal. It has many uses in the classroom as well as a personal journal. The student/writer has the option to share or not share any journal entry. This is an easy way to set up journals for students to use anywhere they have an Internet connection and time to type.

Here is an example of a journal entry and how to share it publicly:

  • Easy
  • Free
  • Anyone can use
  • User can share or not-it's up to them
  • Helps students practice typing skills
  • Student is uninhibited by allowing free use of ideas

  • Cannot use if no Internet is available
  • Hard to use in a classroom if only a few student computers are available
  • Sharing may be hard for student(s) at first (link vs. email)
  • If not shared, teacher cannot monitor to see if inappropriate info is going into journal

I would love this journal in my classroom as a tool for students to practice typing, organize ideas, have freedom to write what they need/want to, and it is easily stored in a place where no one can see it except you and the student who wrote it unless that student shares a link with someone else. It would save space in a classroom because you wouldn't have to store actual journals and students may be freer and more honest with journal posts if they know that no one can see it without their permission. It is always good to have students practice on technology because in the future, who knows, they may do away with paper and make all assignments on computers!