Mixbook is a wonderful site where you can create customized and personalized art. This includes yearbooks, photo books, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, scrapbooks, calendars, and so much more! It is free to join, free to create, and the possibilities are almost endless. You can create a yearbook for your class or entire school. Publishing takes as little as 3-5 days and costs as little as $6.99 for a 20-page yearbook!

Here is a sample of my creation on Mixbook:


  • Free to join
  • Free to create
  • Inexpensive to have printed
  • Customizable
  • Personalizable
  • Easy to do with a few clicks
  • Educator account available for safe online environment for students
  • Friends, family, or students can help collaborate and create on a single project
  • Thousands of free templates, images, stickers, and creative items to add to your projects
  • Can be set to PRIVATE and/or ONLY INVITED which allows only certain users access to your book

  • Have to have photos uploaded
  • Need digital camera or scanner if not already in computer files
  • If website doesn't save properly changes will be lost. I experienced this in making my own Mixbook.

I think the classroom implications for this site are endless! I would love to see what my students would create as a project for when we studied cultural places like Egypt, India, China, or Russia. They could make a project out of a science experiment starting with a hypothesis. They could write a story and illustrate it. This is so useful also because the entire classroom can edit the same project. This could help make lessons come alive for those visual learners and tactile learners who want to be hands on. Also students love to work on the computer!