This page has step-by-step directions to Web 2.0 tools. If there is one you would like to see that is not on here, please feel free to email me and I will see what I can do to get it on here!

1. Go to
2. In the upper right hand corner click "Sign Up."
3. Pick a Username and Password.
Enter email address and birthdate.
Click box to agree to Terms of Service.
4. You can pay for advanced servics or click "Continue to Free Quizlet."
5. Check you email for a confirmation of account email and follow the directions there.
6. You are now ready to make flashcards!

*Note: When I signed up I joined 2,643,482 other users who were already making flashcards!
7. You will be directed to name your flashcards and you can describe them and set up a subject.
8. You choose the language you want and then enter the information for your flashcards. You can even import data if you already have it saved somewhere so you don't have to type all of it .
9. When you click "Continue" it will show you the cards you have made and allow you to study them or play games. You have several choices. See my example; that was made for my 3rd grade class to study landforms.
10. Of note, if you make your flashcards public, they can be edited by anyone who looks at them.

1. Go to
2. Click "Create" at the top of the page.
3. In the box you can type or paste a bunch of text and then click "Go."
4. On the next page you will see your words arranged in an artful manner.
5. You can edit the font, color, language, and the color of your word creation or "wordle."
6. At the bottom of this box you can choose to open it in a new window, print it, randomize the words in a different order, or save your wordle to a public gallery where anyone can view it.