Blogger is a cool place where you can create a blog for any reason at all. People can join or follow your blog if they are family or friends or just interested in what you have to say. This would be cool for each class to do their own "stay informed" blog!

You can check out my blog below!


  • This could be easily modified for any class
  • This could be easily modified for a number of subjects
  • Students can "join" the page and interact with you/the class from anywhere they have Internet
  • Relatively easy to set up


  • I personally had trouble getting into Google to even start the setup.
  • Not a lot of directions or prompts to instruct on setup.
  • Most classrooms don't have a computer for each child so use could be hard for all students
  • Not all children have a computer at home

Classroom Examples- this blog could have many uses in the classroom. Parents could join and you could post pertinent information on there as well as homework and field trip information. I wouldn't rely soley on this for relaying information because some parents wouldn't view it at all. Some students don't have access to computers at home so it wouldn't be fair to use it as an assignment unless classtime is given. You could set up a blog as a historical figure and post pertinent information or allow students a way to "interact" with people from the past or ask them questions. I would also love to see it as we have used it in the past in collegiate classes as a way to post questions and have answers or to vote on issues. There are just so many things you could use this for in a classroom!